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Vercammen pigeons are dominating the Pioneer Club (Beijing, China)

Pigeon racing is very ‘hot’ in China. The number of pigeon fanciers in this country keeps increasing year by year which is an opposite trend in comparison to many other countries. In China you can race pigeons in different ways but the most famous organisation is without any doubt the Pioneer Loft in Beijing.

This ‘VIP’ club is widely known because almost all the best racers of China are participating. The prize money that can be won in the Pioneer Club is unbelievable, there is no comparison possible to any other kind of pigeon racing in the world.  How does it work? Different lofts were constructed on the same location, an exclusive area in one of the suburbs of Beijing. Participants can rent one of these lofts for their youngsters. The positive aspect of this method that all the birds have to return to the same location – which means more honest races – while you can still take care of your own birds. The racing season in the Pioneer Loft is around October and November. The final races are the hardest ones. In a short time frame the birds have to fly four races with a distance of approximately 550km. The intensive racing program makes it very difficult for the birds. Only the strongest birds will prevail. After the final race the Ace-pigeons are determined. These ace-birds are highly regarded by the Chinese fanciers. They have proven to be constant while maintaining a high average speed, even if the weather circumstances are hard. Often is said: ‘If your pigeons can be amongst the best Ace-pigeons in the Pioneer Loft, then your strain must be good for sure.’

We are very proud that birds with Vercammen blood in their veins have already proven to be successful in the Pioneer. We will limit our self to the last two editions of the Pioneer Race and as well to the top 5 Ace-pigeons only.

In the edition of 2014 a bird of Mr. Zhu ended up as 5th Ace-pigeon in the Pioneer Club. According to our information this bird has won the most prize money a bird has ever won in history! Just to be clear: all this money is for Mr. Zhu and not for us. 

What did the bird CN2014-04688 won exactly for Mr. Zhu?
A Bentley car
A Mercedes G500 car
A Mercedes GL400 car
A lot of money

If you sum this up, you will come to an amount that has never been equalled before!

What is the origin of this pigeon? The mother of this bird is a 100% Hok Jos Vercammen pigeon. Her ringnumber is B12-6196238. As a youngster she won 1° Dourdan (366km) 2,489 pigeons in Union Antwerpen. B12-6196238 is a daughter to our top hen “Elodie”(B11-6282062) who won a.o. 1° S.-national Blois (462km) 1,108 pigeons. If you take a closer look to the pedigree of B12-6196238, you will notice that the “Barco”(B01-6387350) line is present twice! "Elodie" is a duaghter to “Little Panter”(B08-6144332). "Little Panter" became this year father to our new sensation “Zorro”(B15-6026003), 3rd National Ace-pigeon KBDB Middle Distance Youngsters! The mother to “Elodie” is a half-sister to “Elektro”(B08-6174630).

We had the honour to hold the checkered hen CN2014-04688 and we must say that she is an amazing pigeon! Impressive muscles, a strong wing, silky feathers … she has got it all! She is a real lookalike of her mother B12-6196238 and grandmother “Elodie”(B11-6282062).

In the edition of 2015 no less than two of the top three Ace-pigeons have got the Hok Jos Vercammen blood in their veins!

The bird that ended as second Ace-pigeon in the Pioneer Club 2015 is a grandchild to “Mr. Tours”(NL01-0135527). “Mr. Tours” was the best breeder at the loft of the famous Dutch racer Ludo Claessens. “Mr. Tours” won himself 1° NPO Tours 16,154 pigeons. This bird is a 50% Hok Jos Vercammen pigeon! He is a descendant of our basic pigeon “Panter”(B86-6056506).

Famous "Mr. Tours"(NL01-0135527) from Ludo Claessens was a 50% Hok Jos Vercammen bird

The third Ace-pigeon in the Pioneer Club 2015 is also partly a Hok Jos Vercammen bird. The father of this pigeon is a direct son to B08-6144558. This bird is a child to “Bacardi”(B03-6484744) x “Beauty”(B05-6234009). “Bacardi” is a half-brother to “Deco”(B01-6387351), the father of our top bird “Mambo”(B08-6144041). “Beauty” is a key breeder on our loft already for many years. As a baby she won herself 2° fast. National Argenton (555km) 30,045 pigeons. “Beauty” is a daughter to “Beckham”(B01-6387174) and a granddaughter to “Barco”(B01-6387350).

Super hen "Beauty"(B05-6234009)

The racers of these two pigeons have not disclosed how much money they have won with these titles, but – believe us – it must be a lot!

Of course there is nothing better than have top racing results on your own loft, but seeing other people race well with your strain of birds is very satisfactory as well. We want to congratulate the racers of these three Pioneer Club Ace-pigeons and wish them all the best for the future!