The winner of the Warmia One Loft Race (Poland) is a 100% Hok Jos Vercammen pigeon



One of the most remarkable pigeons in Belgium’s pigeon racing this year was our blue hen “La Donna”(B18-6020283). This small to medium sized hen has proven that she has that special capability to excel on all distances and in all weather circumstances.


Yesterday the last national race of the season, Chateauroux (526km), took place. It has been difficult this year for the western part of Belgium to classify early on the national races 450-600km because of the western winds that have been present throughout most of the national races. Also the fanciers of the middle part of Belgium, where we are living, were often not happy with those western winds. But unfortunately we can’t choose the weather circumstances and maybe next year it will be different! The national Chateauroux race was quite a tough one. In France the birds had to deal with wind from the Northwest. In Belgium the wind direction changed to West. Only one bird flew faster than 1,300 mpm. We entered our racing hens for this last national flight. They were motivated with the natural method: some of them had eggs, others had small babies. We are very proud on their performance, they did a great job. We received some nice messages from well-known fanciers who were impressed by our result. They know how the national races from 450-600km work and they said it was impossible for our birds to perform any better than they did, on the national level we were only beaten by fanciers who are located much more to the East.

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The Jos Vercammen loft has had a meteoric rise to the firmament of international pigeon racing. One top result has followed another, but, what is also of great importance, numerous fanciers throughout the world had National and International successes with the Vercammen pigeons. The Vercammen loft is based on birds of superior origin, therefore such a high percentage of top-class pigeons are born at Vremde.
Vercammen pigeons crossed with yours? It is almost a guarantee of success!

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